More Problems

Now that TigerTails Radio has finished for Season 10, things can be worked on to fix some of the technical issues that has hit the website here, and elsewhere.

This is mostly caused by more domain issues. Plusnet are useless. After shutting down their domain registration arm, they then decided to ignore our requests to transfer to a different host. This resulted in the domains being moved to somewhere random, instead of the registrar they had claimed they were moving to. We are now on a mission with Nominet to reclaim the domains and move them to the correct host. During this time, the address for TigerTails Radio and TigerTails Gaming have once again broken. so in the meantime you can reach TigerTails Radio and TigerTails Gaming at the following URLs: – TigerTails Radio – TigerTails Gaming

Website updates will be sketchy at best during this time, as visitors to this page will have come to expect. However, things are in the plans to be done in 2018. Exciting times ahead.


Yey, technical difficulties are so much fun. Especially when they’re the fault of someone else.

Having recently renewed the domains for TigerTails Radio and TigerTails Gaming, we’ve fallen foul of a problem our domain provider is having with URL forwarding, which hides the ugly name and gives it the pretty or that we’re all used to.

So, while the outage happens, you can reach TigerTails Radio and TigerTails Gaming at the following URLs: – TigerTails Radio – TigerTails Gaming

While the main addresses might be down, the websites are not. Yet.

Oh, and if anyone is thinking about getting anything with Plusnet… Don’t.

All sites are back up and running as per normal. Whooo! Use the links on the right to go visit them.

Robot Wars Live!

With the new series coming to BBC 2 in the near future, let’s look back at 2015 and a video filmed at the Robot Wars Live event held by Roaming Robots. Since the BBC took over the url at the end of the video, if you like what you see here and want to go, click this link to book tickets. This video was filmed last year, and with June 11 2016 being the next Guildford show, now is the time to see if any tickets are left, and to look back and see what passed last time in order to get hyped for what could be on show in a couple of weeks’ time…

Video: Flying Scotsman Visits

When a locomotive as famous as the Flying Scotsman comes to pay a visit in the local area, it would be rude to not brave the rain and come out and see it. This was certainly the attitude of what seemed to be the entire population of Romsey as hundreds of people turned out on the small station’s platforms to see The Cathedrals Express run through on the Hampshire Cream Teas special during the afternoon of a trip from Paddington to Salisbury.

The trip was basically a turning exercise, as Scotsman ran the Romsey, Southampton, Eastleigh loop before heading back to Salisbury to return back to London later in the afternoon. This meant if you found a spot between Salisbury and Romsey you could see the train twice, so that’s exactly what happened. Following catching the train take an unscheduled stop in Romsey, we hi-tailed it to Mottisfont & Dunbridge station to catch the return leg. Annoyingly, the train was 12 minutes early so the second recording was a little impromptu but at least the train wasn’t missed.

Video: The Eagles Express

When Battle of Britain class Bulleid Pacific 34052 ‘Lord Dowding’ (really West Country class 34046 ‘Braunton’ in disguise) took a trip to Southampton carrying Crystal Palace supporters to the final game of 2016, it gave the chance to catch the train on video in a choice few locations not often travelled by steam. Sadly, lack of decent parking options meant that a few compromises had to be reached.

So filming at St Denys and Mount Pleasant ensued, to grab shots of The Eagles Express arriving into Southampton’s Northam sidings, getting dragged backwards to be turned at Eastleigh by a class 67 former EWS diesel locomotive, and then going home again crossing from the Waterloo up line to the Fareham lines at the down end of St Denys station. All in some rather nice sunshine.

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