The site was called TigerTails, based on the idea of “The Tiger Has Lots Of Tales To Tell”.  Since tigers have tails, not tales, TK decided to name the site thusly, purchasing the .co.uk domain name for the simple reason that it was a site built in the UK for a resident of the UK. The fact that .com and .net was taken had nothing to do with it.

Things went well until 2004, when the TigerTails idea took a bit of a skew to the right, when TigerTails went from being a site about writing, to a site about writing, with Internet Radio thrown in for good measure.

Because the site no longer was just about telling stories, but now about entertaining people, it was re-branded to TigerTails Entertainment in mid-2004. TigerTails Radio was to get its own site very shortly afterwards.

TigerTails Radio

The TigerTails Radio Team of Season 4. Eeve3, Laz, Xavier, and TK. Art by Scheriff

TigerTails Radio ran from July 20 2004 until July 20 2005, every day of the year including Christmas and New Years. It was hosted by TK and his friend Blaster Hedgehog, or Hedgie as he preferred to be called, and featured a mix of irreverent British chat and random music unseen by Furry Radio before.

As the show grew, it gained guest presenters in the form of Lazerus, Kyy, Tungro, Southpaw, Bungle, Aidax, and Goten. Some of these guests would be in the studio, while the rest were able to host shows from their own studios, giving the main cast a well-earned day off.

When the year finished, TigerTails Radio was put to rest for what everyone thought would be forever, however it wasn’t long before Hedgie asked TK if he wanted to restart the show again, on a non-daily basis. TK agreed, and TigerTails Radio Season 2 began. A regular slot of Monday at 9pm came with Season 3, and it continued to occupy that slot until Season 7 where it moved to 8pm to allow Xavier a chance to get home at a reasonable hour due to his having to commute to the studio.
In 2006, TK started experimenting with YouTube and video editing. It was also at this time he handed over control of the websites to Thomas King, allowing him more time to work on other things (such as writing and waiting for more Harry Potter and Narnia films). With YouTube came TigerTails TV, with all edited footage bearing the TigerTails TV trails at the start and end of each clip.  Unedited (raw) footage was also put in the channel, but only completed projects ended up in the TigerTails TV Playlist. With the filming of the Comic Relief Gunge-a-thon during Episode #235 of Season 1 done by TigerTails TV, a second YouTube playlist was created for TigerTails Radio on TigerTails TV. Episode #36 of Season 2 was the second Gunge-a-thon for Comic Relief, and TigerTails TV created videos for that event too.

TigerTails Entertainment has also been in charge of a great many websites over the years. From Lion King fan sites, to sites about fursuiting, and even (until October 2010) the community site for the Hampshire based furry group, the HantsFurs. TigerTails Entertainment has also been requested to submit site ideas for Chinese restaurants, Bridge (card game) clubs, and arcades.  Thomas King now deals with all external sites created by TigerTails Entertainment, on top of the main site, and TigerTails Radio.

In 2013, the entire network of TigerTails Entertainment sites moved to a single server, and each became its own WordPress site, forcing Thomas King to learn how to use WordPress and configure it for multiple blogs.

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