Holy Crap, New Content!

It’s been a long time coming, but there is finally some new content up on TigerTails TV. This time it’s a video of the touring Robot Wars live show filmed at the end of April in Portsmouth. See legends like Steel Avenger, Stinger, Dantomkia (now known as DTK), and Ripper battle it out – not to mention the triumphant return of Matilda, the House Robot, alongside the newest House Robot: Major Damage…

Happy New Year

With everything working for once (apart from Done and Dusted, which is planned for early 2015), we are happy to see out 2014 on a high. It’s been a good year for the network, with TigerTails Radio gaining in traction on YouTube and suggestions from the listeners being taken into account for Season 9 of the show. After massive technical failures on Episode 41 of Season 8, we also figured out how to get rid of the whine on the YouTube feed (finally).

TigerTails Gaming is also going well, with Xavier holding the fort there while TK is kept busy ignoring TigerTails TV. There is a growing interest for doing more live streaming on Twitch, so we’ll see what we can do on that front.

There’s a lot of potential waiting for us in 2015. Let’s see what we can do with it.

happy New Year everyone.

Everything Is Broken

TigerTails Radio and TigerTails Gaming are both currently down. As of yet we do not know what is causing this issue, though it looks like WordPress might have failed somewhere. It still works for this site though, which is annoying. This comes on top of the studio having intermittent Internet connection problems due to a fault on the line. This has implications for the live streaming and YouTube broadcasts of TigerTails Radio.

The show will go on. However, should the Internet connection give out again the YouTube feed will be unable to continue and you will have to tune in via the radio stream in order to continue enjoying the show when the Internet comes back on. Point your streaming media player of choice at the following URL to listen in:

http://radio.tigertailsradio.co.uk:31135/listen.pls – The YouTube feed can be found at http://www.youtube.com/tigertailsradio if its running. Just look for the “Live Now” link.

There will be archives made and uploaded as normal, and the YouTube feed will be uploaded to YouTube manually should the stream fail. The archives will not be affected by the problems, unless we’re not online long enough to upload them.

The sites have been backed up, and so if a reinstall is needed the sites can be replaced.

Our web hosts are looking into the website fault, and BT are looking into the phone line fault.

These are not the kind of problems needed when trying to do National Novel Writing Month…

A New Home

With one web host dead, another one comes along. The downside of this is there was no easy way to migrate the WordPress build from the old host to the new one. So, transition period time. So far, this is the only site on the TigerTails Entertainment network that will be working for a short time. TigerTails Radio will go live next, followed by TigerTails Gaming, and then Done and Dusted.

The new hosting company does not support Networked WordPress as the previous host did. The upside of this is the ability to have subdomains. The downside is every site will become its own site, and no resources can be shared. This is a bother as TigerTails Radio and TigerTails Gaming shared certain social plugins.

So, progress is happening. Not all that fast as this is a lot of work, but it is happening. Watch this space.

Updates and Things

Yes I know updates to this site have been lax. We’re working on it.

In the meantime, why not pop over to the TigerTails Gaming page, where Xavier has been posting regular footage from his Lets Play adventures, and more of the Team TigerTails’ Adventures in Minecraft have been uploaded.

Over in TigerTails Radio land, the weekly show is still ongoing, and is soon to turn 9 years old!

New videos from TigerTails TV will be shown here in the near future! Promise.

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