Cardiff Central / Caerdydd Canolog

Still suffering from Sciatica, I was tasked by the doctor with going out and about a lot. Simple, says I. Easy says Hedgie. We had already hit Dawlish this year so we went to Weymouth, and then I went to London. Where next? How about Cardiff? Hedgie agreed this was a good idea as he wanted to see the shrine to Ianto from the BBC drama Torchwood, so we booked our tickets and jumped on the train on the damp morning of last day of May. Having a 2-Together railcard really helps make expensive journeys that little bit cheaper, especially when they’re doctor’s orders.

The journey to Cardiff is a long one, but there is a direct train that runs hourly, so we had no problems getting over there. Aside from having to suffer on-train WiFi, that is. Why is it always terrible? Once we got to the station, we had a hunt around for a sign, eventually finding one and grabbing the photo. From there we had a look around for signs to the bay. It was shrine hunting time!