Cardiff Bay / Bae Caeddydd

Wow, how long is the walk from Cardiff Central down to the bay? Especially when one leg isn’t at 100% capacity. Needless to say, Hedgie was having to put up with a very grumpy Condor by the time we got to the waterfall feature in Cardiff Bay. To make matters worse, there was a railway line running alongside the road we were walking down, taking people leisurely down to the bay. Once we got to the Torchwood secret entrance, however, I had perked back up again. After waiting for the children to stop getting in the way of photos, we grabbed some shots (so there is now photo evidence of Condor trying to get in to Torchwood), we went and found some food.

Once food was inserted into our faces, we tracked down Ianto’s shrine, having a giggle that there had to be a notice telling people that Ianto was a fictional character in case non-Torchwood fans were confused by it, thinking he was a real person. It was then that the clouds released a lot of very fat rain. We got soaked. Thankfully it had been a bit chilly so we had our coats, but still, it was wet. Because of this, I successfully managed to convince Hedgie that we should get the train back to Cardiff Central. So we found the bay station and worked out that our route would take us via a third Cardiff station. Fantastic news for me. We took the Cardiff Bay photo (seeing the only legitimate use of the word Bae) and then boarded our train as it arrived.