Sometimes the promise of a pub is enough to get pups out of the house. Sometimes it isn’t and an extra sweetener is needed. And sometimes the pub isn’t needed at all, instead just a little enthusiasm and Devil-May-Care does the trick. With steam train season in full swing and the promise of ex-LMS 5MT 45212 thundering through the local area, I wanted to find a nice spot to film it from, and also pup another station. Swaythling fit the bill. So with an attitude of “I’m doing this, anyone who wants to join me be ready in 5 minutes”, I managed to coax Tubbs out for the trip.

Thanks to getting there by rail, we were early. Rather early. While I kept an eye on the train’s position, we got the pup photos for Twitter and bimbled around the station, chatting to Echo on the phone while he was at an event in Manchester. Not long before the (rather delayed) steam arrival came, the platform I was on started to fill. This saddened me as I thought they were going to get in the way of my shot. Then a train arrived on my platform, which worried me as I thought it was going to get in the way. Then everyone boarded it and it left, leaving me alone with Tubbs on the platform again. Happy days! Shortly afterwards, the steam train passed and I caught some good video of it. Realisation then set in that the train that had threatened to get in the way was also our train home.

An hour later, having explored the local area a bit, our train arrived to take us home. One of the newly refurbished South Western Railway 158s in the new livery. Alas, the inside was not as upgraded as the outside, but it didn’t matter as we weren’t in it long. Next stop – the pub at St Denys.