Bristol Temple Meads

Still suffering with Sciatica meant that I was stuck under doctor’s orders of going out and being active. So it was decided to go on a Pup All The Stations Adventure! The plan was to repeat the Weymouth idea of heading out to a far station and then hitting stations on the way back. With timetables of one train an hour working against us, Hedgie and I took a reasonably early train up to Bristol with the aim of hitting each station between Bristol Temple Meads and Westbury – a station that was captured much earlier in 2017.

Before leaving I drew up a timetable of our trains so we could go exploring and not miss a train back. This was kept in a notebook with a pen ready for any amendments to be made should we fall foul of disruption along the way. The joy of standard day return tickets is the ability to break your journey. The sad thing about them is they cost more as you can’t book them in advance in return for a cheaper fare. However, the 2-Together RailCard comes in handy for days like this, and so we were well prepared for our adventure.

Once in Bristol Temple Meads we hunted around for a sign, eventually finding it and realising it was one of the few Network Rail managed stations. We then headed for the pub on the station (as you do) for breakfast before popping outside to take in the sights. With the train to our next destination not too far from departure, we hurried back inside and got ready to explore the northern parts of the West Country on the Wessex Main Line.