Oldfield Park

Next on our adventure of the Wessex MainLine was Oldfield Park. The afternoon was starting to get away from us and as Hedgie and I went exploring, we found a nice shop to get some cold drinks from. Heading back to the station, we got our photos, filmed the passing of a Class 43 HST, and then the station was invaded by school kids. It was that time of the day where the local school kicked out, and wow there was a lot of children. Thankfully, the wait wasn’t all that long and for the most part the kids were well behaved enough, so the wait wasn’t that unpleasant. Also, Oldfield Park is a really nice place, with a lovely road bridge at the end of the station with some great views up the line. The local village is filled with suburban terrace properties, which all look like they could probably fetch a fair amount on the housing market. A very pleasing place to explore for a short while before having to catch a train. Soon enough, however, our train had arrived and so we battled with the kids for a seat before dashing away to our next destination.