One of the perks of doing Pup All The Stations is getting to go out and about at various stations and seeing the local scenery. From the delights of Freshford to the signal box tour at Brading on the Isle of Wight. Avoncliff, on the other hand, offered a host of new and wonderful things. The tiny station gave way to a footpath uphill to a road bridge to cross the tracks for platform traversing. However, it ended up not being a road bridge – it was an aqueduct! The Kennet and Avon Canal runs over the tracks and over the River Avon. This was something I had not experienced before, and even Hedgie seemed impressed by it. Not only that, but this was a station with classic signage. So after grabbing signs on one platform, we nipped over to grab the other platform’s. Without taking the hood off, much to the amusement of one of the locals.

Photos grabbed, we headed up to the aqueduct and immediately spotted a pub. The day was getting on a bit and the same thought hit both of us… Dinner. The plan had been to get dinner at Trowbridge at the end of our adventure, but this was a lovely looking place and even if it was a little expensive looking, we couldn’t resist. Locating the menu by the door we found the prices rather reasonable, so we headed inside. The staff kindly allowed me to recharge my phone while we ate and drank well. Eventually we had consumed our fill, and the time was getting near to our train onwards (thanks to everyone at Real Time Trains who made life so much easier that day), so we headed back to the station and got ready to conclude our day out.