The last station to collect on the Wessex MainLine to complete the set, marking the first full main line run completed. We got off the train at Trowbridge and, after the crowd had passed, made a bee-line for the sign. So far, every delay or foul up had brought a positive aspect to it – we would never have had dinner at Avoncliff had we not been taken to Bradford-on-Avon first – so when the train home from Trowbridge was delayed, Hedgie and I just shrugged and went exploring instead.

The town was quite well developed, and certainly not a backwater little village. Alas, this meant it lacked the charm of the three stations we had just visited. We found a pub near the station, but it looked rather unsavoury so we avoided it. Hunting around there seemed to be very little in the way of nice places to stop and have a drink… Or even corner shops or newsagents to get a drink from. Eventually we settled on the shop in a petrol station forecourt (which had some really friendly staff) and got some liquid refreshment while we hunkered down and studied Real Time Trains for our train home.

This train was horrifically delayed. Eventually a train arrived, already overcrowded to bursting point. Our platform cleared, but we waited. We could see a second train wasn’t too far behind. However, this one also got later and later. It eventually arrived and we boarded. Then came the announcement – our train was being cancelled at Westbury. However, all the apps were still showing our train as making it home, and not cancelled. This caused some confusion. It then transpired that our train was being coupled to the massively late train ahead of us and continuing as that train, in effect cancelling ours. So by waiting at Trowbridge that bit longer, we had managed to get seats on the overcrowded train we didn’t get on originally. Not only that, but when the two trains became one, very few people made the journey to the back of the train to get seats (no matter how many times the guard told them to), so we had a peaceful trip. Yes, the delay at Trowbridge had been torture, but it had worked out in the end.

But that ride home marked the end of our grand adventure. It had been a good day out, and meant that the Wessex Mainline was completed. Our next major adventure had already been planned and booked, and we were already brushing up on saying a long, complicated, Welsh word…