Arnos Grove (Underground)

London Pride time. The second one that stations have been pupped at, and since we were staying in the same place again, a lot of the stations had already been tagged. So this was a good excuse to go and do new journeys to and from the hotel and tag some different interchanges. This time there was a group of us going and so we went by car. Never again! Being stuck in the car, in that heat, in those traffic jams. Ugh, rail travel might be more expensive but damn is it worth every penny. Regretting travelling on the Friday, we arrived in London and spent the day going shopping and doing pre-pride related things.

Saturday was the parade itself, so we hurried down to the meeting point – no time to pup stations, we were in a rush. We eventually made it and were soon making the way as a group to the parade line. Again, no time for station pupping. The parade itself was fantastic, again, and over all too soon. Echo and I then went back to the hotel while everyone else went out drinking. The night had been light on sleep and we were tired. However, once we had rested for a short while and recharged the batteries, we were ready to head out again. So we decided to pup some stations. This time focusing on getting one station in particular. However to get there, we ended up having to change trains. This gave us a chance to pup Arnos Grove… In full Pride gear. We then waited for our next train to get us on to our destination.