Clapham North (Underground)

Echo and I had been through this station a lot during the day of Pride, as our base of operations was the Fetch shop in Clapham – and the station had also served as a group photoshoot for the all pups marching with the London Pup Munch march. It was only late in the evening we were finally able to capture the station, on the way home from having a night on the town and heading back to the hotel room. This is the “we’ve had a couple of drinks and we’re rather happy about it” photo. However, this was only part of the journey back, we still had one more change to get through in order to make it back to bed safely…

Other pups to visit this station:

London Pride 2018 photo of the pups at Clapham North (Underground) taken on 07/07/2018. Click to visit the Twitter post by Lumos (the photographer) for the London Pup Much.

Alpha Yolo visited Clapham North (Underground) station on 27/07/2019 – Click to visit the Twitter post.
Pup Cuff visits Clapham North (Underground) station on 06/07/2019 for London Pride. Click to visit the Twitter post.