Clapham Junction

What’s worse than trying to take a photo at night when the lights are really not co-operating? Taking one at night with bad lighting and people asking if you’re gay because it’s Pride and you’re wearing a bright yellow kilt and a harness while taking photos in a leather hood. It’s not like the dots are hard to connect. Okay the lad asking was a tad drunk, and even his friends couldn’t believe he was asking. But it was all friendly, no homophobic slurs or anything like that – so it was all good. This was the last stop on the way back to the hotel for the night that was yet to be captured, and one I’d been meaning to get for quite some time. The dying minutes of the day of London Pride was not the time I was expecting to get it. Still, you take what you can get. With the station captured, we got our train back to Wimbledon (which we captured this time last year), and our tram to the hotel. We had a long journey home ahead of us in the morning.