Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle (Heritage)

Preserved steam railways weren’t due to be part of the project, for this is what this had now surely become a project. Albeit a really slow burning one. They technically still aren’t, but that doesn’t mean that when day trips to the beach get called off due to middling weather we can’t instead visit a nearby steam railway and get a photo or two. So, when a trip to the beaches near Swanage with Bandit was called off due to being a bit too cold, it was off to the Swanage railway instead. Complete with pup hood. Corfe Castle was also the place to get off to look at the village and get a spot of lunch. A cream tea (complete with mis-matched china) from a delightful little tea house run by a charming, if a little camp, gentleman. Once finished, we boarded the train back to Swanage, taking the time to grab a photo at Corfe Castle while we could. It was a very pleasant day out indeed.