Ropley (Heritage)

There’s something special about travelling by steam train. The sights, the smells, all of the adorable doggos also travelling. Not including us, of course. Halvor and Echo were still with me as we got off the train at Ropley station. Ropley was a nice place to stop and get a drink from the station shop. It was also the location of the engine sheds and yard, so a good while was spent wandering around and being compared against many great hulks of metal (you’d be surprised how many driving wheels are just that little bit taller/shorter than you are). We traversed across the footbridge from Kings Cross that featured in the first Harry Potter film, which had been installed as a walkway between the picnic area and the yard, and we even managed to remember to get a photo – in the somewhat dappled sunshine. All in all a lovely station, and upon taking our photo we were halfway through our quest.