Alresford (Heritage)

Somehow the first station on the Watercress Line was the third station that Echo, Halvor, and I ended up pupping. Not quite sure how that ended up being the case, but as I darted over to Platform 2 to film our locomotive running around from the rear to the front of the train I couldn’t help but notice this. We’d ended up with the plan of grabbing the photo and then dashing back to Alton. However, once the engine had taken its rightful place at the head and we were about to pose in front of the station sign, the general public arrived to see the train out. And where did they crowd? Right in front of the sign. So we resigned ourselves to watching our train leave. Once it was gone, the people also drifted away and we got our photo in peace. We then attacked the gift shop while we waited for the final round trip of the day to take us to our last photo location.