Alton (Heritage)

End of the line and where the heritage railway joins with the national network. There was only a short time here as our locomotive ran around to the rear of the train to take us back to Alresford so Halvor, Echo, and I had to make best use of the time we had. Jumping out of the train and making a dart straight for the sign, we battled our way past tourists and railfans alike as they moved to the best spots to photograph the engine. We hooded up and grabbed the shots – for the second time of the day. We had captured Alton earlier in the morning but the shots hadn’t come out very well, so this was our second (and last) attempt. Thankfully, we got some useable photos so we were able to jump back on the train (getting better seats than we had done) and get back to the car on the very last train of the day. Just like the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, we had timed everything perfectly. We then embarked on the journey home, satisfied at the very good day out. We must do it again some time.