Portsmouth Harbour

Every summer the Paws pup event in Southampton has a trip out to Portsmouth for their Pups In The Park meet. 2018 was no exception and saw a good number of pups descend onto Victoria Park for a day of picnic food, games, and silly puppy fun. Games in which I managed to get a grass burn after a kneepad slip, but it was all good (and only bled like a fiend for around 10 minutes or so). Following the picnic, we all went off for a meal, and then people started making their ways home. Echo had driven us to the event, so we decided to pup the local stations.

Plan was simple: go to Portsmouth and Southsea station, pup it, get train to harbour, pup it, get return trip back. However, things didn’t turn out quite like that, as our guide decided to walk us to Portsmouth Harbour station instead. Not that I knew this until we’d arrived, as I had no idea of Portsmouth geography – and I also had a very sore knee, which wasn’t too impressed by all this walking it had just done.

Still, we got our photos and then had to wait for the train. And what a wait it was. What made it most amusing was the drunk people screaming for some station staff to give them assistance as they couldn’t figure out what train to get. I’m not sure if the station is unmanned in the latter portion of the day, but there was certainly no one around. Then one started yelling for a member of British Rail staff to help them immediately, with me laughing with the pups we were with that they had arrived about 24 years too late to get that kind of help. Still, I did the good thing and helped some of them more coherent passengers find their trains. Our train then finally arrived and so we made the short jaunt to our next station.

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Halvor barks at trains at Portsmouth Harbour on 12/07/2018. Click to visit his Instagram post.