Portsmouth and Southsea

When you drive down to a pup event, it’s always worth noting the closing time of the car park you leave. Especially in the middle of July when the sunsets are usually quite late. Even more so when you’ve been lead on a wild goose chase across the edge of Portsmouth looking for a station that was right next to the place we’d started from, only to be taken to a different one entirely. Our train got us back to Portsmouth and Southsea station, so we quickly grabbed our photos before heading back to the car park only to find it locked. Our merry jaunt had taken too long and the car had been locked in overnight.


Thankfully, there were four of us looking to get back home, which meant that Group Save came to our rescue, and dramatically reduced the cost of rail fare back to our respective beds. Rail travel can be expensive, but if you know how to play the system a little, things can work out cheaper for everyone. So to cap off a rather fun day, we all had a quiet night of travelling home by train and then bus back to our abodes. All in all, a rather entertaining day with a rather odd end. Echo had to take the train back up to Portsmouth the following day to get his car back, something he was not too happy about, but needs must. There was one last pup event in the month, and at least one more chance to grab a station there.