Birmingham Moor Street

This is a station that had been on my hit list for a while owing to it’s refurbishment into 1930’s stylings, however the demise of Pup Social had put it on the back burner while stations in the south were concentrated on. All that changed with the emergence of Scritches. This new pup event was not only held monthly, but also held mere buildings away from the former Pup Social location. This meant that the stations in Birmingham were back up on the priority list, with the first one being Moor Street.

Moor Street station is ticket barriered, and with no intent to spend money to take a train somewhere, the first task was getting platform access. Nice and easy when you speak to the gate staff during a quiet moment and request it, for photography, of course. Once on the platform, Havoc, Echo, and I hunted around for a nice sign in the right amount of light, also trying to avoid the one that Halvor had pupped under earlier (you can see his photo below). Sign found, photo taken, and then we all head back to the barriers to be set free. The station staff seemed surprised to see us again (so they thought we’d be fare dodging, I guess) and let us out with an exchange of thanks. We then met with more pups before heading to the venue to enjoy Scritches.

Other pups to visit this station:

Halvor captured Birmingham Moor Street before Condor and so was the former map marker! You can click his photo to visit his Twitter post. Date visited: 27/05/2018.