Day trips that involve waking up at 4.30am and being in the car by 5.30am to drive for far too long until breakfast can be fun. This was one of those trips. One of the RailPup chats had someone organise a trip to the National Railway Museum and as that was somewhere both Echo and I had always wanted to go, we decided to make the trek. From the south of England to the north, and back again within 24 hours. The day trip to end all day trips.

Meeting up with pups in York also gave me the chance to meet an old friend and former housemate, from times long before I joined the pup community, and following around 4 hours of travelling up to York, it was he who we found first. Sadly most of the other pups had to cancel thanks for Northern Rail strikes, but we found the organiser (after realising there were more entrances to the museum than we originally thought) and soon we were touring all the exhibits (and putting our grubby paws all over Mallard).

As the day drew to a close, we escorted pups and non pups back to the station so they could catch their trains home. The perfect chance to pup York station. So, it was pupped, much to the amusement of passengers on the opposite platform. Echo and I then headed back to the car for the long drive home. A great day out, but maybe when we head north again, we’ll get a hotel.