Pokesdown for Boscombe

Getting the chance to go and visit places on a Monday are rare with things like work and having a real life getting in the way. However, when that Monday is a Bank Holiday, it means a day off work and a 3 day weekend. Pup Jazz took advantage of this by organising Pups Don’t Bite on such a day. So, at reasonably early in the morning, I joined with Echo for the train journey down to Bournemouth to attend the event. However, as we were collecting Bandit on the way, we would take the train to Pokesdown and get the car from there. This gave the chance to grab another station sign, and take in the artwork painted upon the station. The mural is as long as it is impressive. After we took the shot, we found Bandit outside the station and moved on to Bournemouth… More in the next post.