Paddington (Underground)

Paddington station is a funny place. Broken up and disjointed with bits not all interlocking like they should and having to be linked by a concourse above ground. A bit like Hammersmith in that regard. Of course, on the Tube Map it’s all shown as one station, with the Circle Line entering it twice. Echo and I entered it on the Hammersmith & City + Circle Line branch. As the Tube Map shows Paddington as one station, that’s how we were treating it for the purposes of visiting each station. This is Pup All The Stations, not Pup All The Platforms. However, when we come to do the Bakerloo or District Lines, I’ll make another blog post under this one with some photos of that part of the station. The getting of the photo here was a waiting game for the crazed hordes of travellers to get out of the way so we could get a clear shot. We then headed up to the surface level platforms. It was vape O’Clock and also time to do some sightseeing. Our next part of the Circle Line would be gotten to on foot!

Update – 05/06/2022

Condor pups the second Paddington (Underground) station, thus completing the Circle Line properly.

The circle is now completed. Or at least completed properly. While pupping the Elizabeth Line part of Paddington station, Shades and I took a quick diversion over to the District Line part of the station on a mission to finally complete the Circle Line properly once and for all. It was quite a trek but we got there eventually and navigated our way down to the platforms. Once there, I was delighted to see that not only were there plenty of roundels, as well as the usual higher boards with the colours indicating which lines served the station, but the benches all had the station name on them as well. Cue some angling to get them all into a single shot. This wasn’t as difficult as it sounds as we picked a rather empty end of the platform, and soon we were making our escape. Upon exiting the station we found a pub to use as a watering hole (I really ought to think about making Pub All The Stations a thing) which looked like it had a rather nice menu. We shall have to return here one day. One watering later, and we were heading back to the station to ride the Purple Trains some more.

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