Victoria (Underground)

Sometimes when doing a Pup All The Stations tour you don’t get to spend as long as you would like at certain places. Echo and I were starting to feel the pinch as we’d gotten to London later than we would have liked, and had spent some time above ground seeing the sights, so it was now time to hunker down and mass capture. Victoria was the first victim of this, as we got out the train, waited for the crowd to die down a bit so we could get a photo, and then jump on the next train. A flying visit but a visit nonetheless. Rush hour wasn’t too far away, and so we had to get as many stations in before the commuter crush happened. With the station captured, we quickly awayed to our next stop.

Other pups to visit this station:

Spot takes a moment to pose at Victoria (Underground) station on 04/08/2018. Click to visit his Twitter post.