St. James’s Park (Underground)

This station was not going to be run-and-done job, even if rush hour was fast closing in and we still had many stations to cover. I had been waiting for this one, as my research had forewarned me to be on the lookout for something special, and I wasn’t leaving until I’d found it. Much to Echo’s dismay.

Somewhere on the platforms was a roundel that still adopted the original (and grammatically correct – don’t @ me) version of the name – St. James’ Park. So not only did the current generation roundel need capturing, so did the old one. So once we’d managed to battle the slowly increasing crowd to get the current spelling captured, we then set out in search of our prize – well, my prize. Echo didn’t really care about the finer points of grammatical correctness. We had come in on the Eastbound platform, so we started our hunting there, and soon found the jackpot. Nestled in a corner next to the main staircase down to the platform was the sign. Not an easy capture but eventually there was a break in the people long enough to get the shot (see below). We were then able to jump on the train to our next destination.

Condor finds the one roundel that’s actually spelt correctly at St James’s Park (Underground) station.