When in the area picking up things purchased on the Facebook selling pages, I managed to talk Echo into doing a little detour to Havant station to grab a photo or two. Sounded like a plan, so why not? The detour wasn’t far, so we park up (and then have to pay for parking as we didn’t use the nearby free car park, rats) and head inside. The nice chap at the ticket barrier wasn’t too fond on letting us gain access to the platforms for photography as he wasn’t sure if it was allowed so directed us to speak to the station manager, who (after the expected grilling to make sure we weren’t intending to travel) let us grab our photos. While there I also put my camera through its paces getting some shots of moving trains, and it handled itself rather well. Once the station photos were all taken, we made our exit. Had a different person on the ticket barrier when exiting, but she let us through after seeing some of the train photos I’d taken (and how well they’d come out). We then spent a few more minutes chilling in the car before embarking on the drive home.