Holton Heath

Back in 2018 when Hedgie and I took our trip to Weymouth, we pupped the stations between Weymouth and Wareham on the way home, gathering a few more stations as “on the train” photos (which are being updated and replaced). The one station we missed, however, was Holton Heath. So on a sunny April afternoon, I coaxed Echo into popping down to the station to get the final station in the Weymouth to Southampton run. We also visited Hamworthy at the same time to update that photo, but Holton Heath was the all new addition. By this time, I had a new camera so I was eager to try it out. Holton Heath is a bit of a lonely station, next door to a cattery (for felines whose owners are on holiday), and with a nice forest surrounding. So it didn’t take us long to find the station sign least covered in bird poop (seriously an issue on some stations) and get our shot before hightailing it home. We had a trip to Bristol coming up to prepare for.