One of the great things about Pup All The Stations is that not only does it get you out of the house, but it can help introduce you to new people. That is what happened with a new pup on the scene, Shades. We had met via a Telegram chatroom, and soon a trip down the Portsmouth Line had been organised. He didn’t have a hood of his own yet, so I grabbed Hoopla (my Purple hood) and along with Echo we set out to meet our new friend. We met at the station to our first destination and were soon getting along famously, getting to Fareham in fine spirit. The first station of the day. We were going to do 6 stations, all being well, from Fareham to Fratton with a stop to collect Hamble (and dinner) on the way back. So with Shades trying a hood on for the first time, we all lined up under the Fareham sign and got our photo. The day had begun, and the Pup All The Stations Portsmouth Adventure Time (PATS PAT) had begun.

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Halvor finds Fareham to be a nice place to be, back on 10/07/2018. Click to visit his Instagram post.