Jumping to the last station on the list to work backwards Shades, Echo, and I trundled on down to Fratton. It was there we saw the traincare depot. At that moment, I knew we weren’t leaving the station until I had filled by photographic boots. I did have a little nostalgia-gasm when I saw a pair of 442 units sat in the sun. They had been introduced during my childhood and then phased out when the 444s and 450s replaced them. South Western Railway were in the process of bringing them back and this was making me happy. We also got to watch a train take a shower, which was amusing. As we were getting our shots, the sound of something ancient rattled up behind us, as a Southern liveried 313 appeared out of nowhere. Echo and I had not seen one of those since pupping the Northern City Line from Moorgate to Finsbury Park. Popping over the footbridge to use the loo and get the train to our next stop, I found more spots to take photos of the yard, with the added benefit of height. We never did make it away from the station in the end. Sorry guys.