A long time ago, I had visited Hilsea station with the intention of visiting a stretch of forest-like area known as Foxes Forest, which had a been a thoroughly good day out. Today, I had the chance to revisit Hilsea in order to pup it, and while waiting for our train, it seemed like a good idea to see if Foxes Forest could be re-found. So once Echo, Shades, and I arrived and got our photo we quickly exited the station on the hunt for the woodlands. However, the sight that greeted us was not one of idyllic forest, but of busy A roads and industry. We had a short walk around anyway, looking for signs of life. We found some; a billion midges and gnats filled the walkway from the station. Ain’t nobody got time for that! We braved the walk, fighting the little buggers off as best as we could. However by the time we’d reached the end of the gauntlet we were not looking forward to doing that again. The main road goes over the railway via a bridge, so we decided to scale the bridge to survey the area and see if anything suspiciously forest-like caught our eye. Nothing. Not a bean. Just estates of the industrial style. A little saddened by this development, we turned our attention to returning to the station. We took a small shortcut from the bridge to avoid most of the gnats and midges and soon ended up back on the platform. A short wait later, and our train to our next destination arrived.