The great thing about having trains is that they give the gift of travel to those who have no means of their own. This means that, for a fee, someone can see their significant other when you both live in different cities. So when I went to see the lovely Shades so we could spend the day exploring Woking we both knew we could get to the station reasonably easily (neither of us being able to drive) and go from there. Of course, this also meant I got to pup another station. So with Shades behind the camera, I got my shot. We then spent the day in each other’s company and playing OutRun2 in an arcade. I miss arcades. They need to make a comeback. Stupid modern home consoles being able to deliver superior graphics for a cheaper price. I digress. It was also a day of seeing celebrity trains, as 444 040 was out and about, being all refurbished and in the SWR new livery. All in all a wonderful day out, and hopefully there will be many more where that came from.

Other pups to visit this station:

Pup Max brings a bit of colour to Woking station on 01/08/2020. Photo submitted via Telegram.

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