Stratford (Underground)

July was going to be a busy month for visiting London. First there was Pride at the start of the month, and now there was a steam train ride to have. The Epping-Ongar railway was holding a beer festival, and if there’s anything that’s going to prompt a Pup All The Stations day out it’s the promise of a nice beer or two. So Shades and I made our trip into London and headed towards Epping. To get there we had to change trains to get onto the Central Line from the Jubilee. Stratford seemed the place to do this, and so we made our way there. If I’ve ever been to Stratford before, I’ve not remembered it, because this place was a crazy monolith of stairs, and railway lines of all natures. Everything criss-crossing around each other in a display of organised chaos designed to move people as efficiently as possible. There was even a cosmetically restored steam locomotive on the forecourt in a static display. We made our way to the Central Line platforms, where I managed to get a photo with a very nice roundel before our train arrived. Soon enough we were on our way to the end of the line… And beyond.