Epping (Underground)

There’s a surprising number of stops on the Central Line, as our train got further and further away from the heart of London. Eventually Shades and I made it into Epping, and our train got ready to make a return journey. The station itself is rather lovely, and was well presented with hanging baskets and flowers. Not often you see an Underground station given a bit of TLC. The benefits of not being actually underground. We got our photo and had a little bit of a rest. We then went to jump on the free bus to North Weald and the first station on the Epping-Ongar preserved railway. It was then we realised that because of the beer festival, tickets for the trains were being sold on the bus, and it was cash only. Having forgotten to get cash earlier, we made a swift exit and ventured into town. The game of Spot the Cash Point was hampered somewhat by the ones we came across being out of order, before a local clued us in that Tesco were offering cashback with purchases. So we headed inside and got plenty of water to keep us hydrated in the summer heat (as beer isn’t too good at that), and got our cash. We then walked back to the bus stop and got our ride to the steam trains.