North Weald (Heritage)

Alcohol! If there’s ever a way to get pups out to visit railway stations it’s the promise of a pint or two. So with the Epping-Ongar railway offering a beer festival, I couldn’t resist. Shades had agreed to join me and our trek through London was nearly complete. The free bus from Epping station rattled down various roads (which I couldn’t see as I was standing, and a standing view on a classic bus isn’t too brilliant), but soon we found ourselves deposited into the car park of North Weald station. It was a nice large place, with space for the bus to turn around, and tents to encircle the enclosure. A large beer tent dominated the area, with a smaller tent on the other side of the car park distributed glasses (pay a small amount for each glass and keep it forever, or take it back when the day is over to get your money back – a nice system) and a card of beer tokens (with unused tokens also being refundable). We got our bits, sampled some ale (or cider in Shades’ case) and then headed for the platform. We took a train towards Epping to begin with, where we had to remain on the train as there’s no platform there yet. Upon returning to North Weald, we were able to pup the station before heading on down to the other end of the line (but not before a BBQ lunch, of course).