Ongar (Heritage)

End of the line for the heritage Epping-Ongar railway, and a place for a well-earned rest in the shade for Shades. With bellies filled with BBQ foods we alighted at Ongar station and I made a quick walk up to the head of the train to watch the locomotive uncouple and run around. Once it had departed, we sat ourselves in the picnic area and had some refreshing drinks before having a hunt for a nice sign to capture. We then took lots of photos, and ventured into the gallery to have a chat with the photographer. Before too long our train had arrived to take us back to North Weald and back to the beer tent. Once the day was done, we bused it back to Epping and endure the game of Musical Trains as we tried to decipher which train would leave the station first. We failed. Twice. Never coming back here again.*

*We probably will, roll on the next beer festival!

Other pups to visit this station:

Pup Phoenix obscures the sign at Ongar (Heritage) station on 08/09/2019. Click to visit the Twitter post.