The last station before dinner, Bentley was going to prove to be a fly in the ointment slightly. Shades and I arrived and learned that the service to/from Bentley was hourly, and everything left from Platform 1. Still, there was a nice pedestrian level crossing, and a pretty forest walk so we made the best of our long wait and had an explore – once a nice photo was taken, that is. Lots of photos of the local area were also taken, as the setting sun made for some rather attractive photographic moments. All too soon, the train to take us to Alton and dinner arrived. I had already pupped Alton so was more excited about photographing Shades at Alton in the late summer darkness. Plus food, I was quite excited about food as well. But our station pupping adventure was basically over for the night. Tomorrow, however, was going to be another day…

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