The second stage of the train to the Podcast Festival was terminating for Shades and I at Vauxhall so we could transfer to the Underground for the final on-rails leg of the journey. Our mission to listen to Mission to Zyxx. This was handy, as I had missed the chance to pup Vauxhall during London Pride 2017, so was more than ready to capture it this time. We had enough time, as Shades also wanted to make a small detour before heading onto the Tube, so we found a nice sign and I got the photo. We then made our exit and headed towards our next destination, where I was to get a bit of a surprise…

Other pups to visit this station:

Wolfie takes a moment to pup Vauxhall station on 09/11/2019. The London public don’t seem to care about wild pups running around. Pic submitted via Telegram.

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