As Shades and I arrived at our penultimate stop on our journey, the rumblings of a hungry belly were starting to get too loud to ignore. Thankfully Winchfield had us covered. Due to Sunday service timings, we had a bit of a wait until our next train and so we decided to fill in the time by popping to a nearby pub for a drink and a bite to eat. Pub All The Stations really ought to become a thing. While in the pub I did some calculations and worked out that if we paused at our final destination for around half an hour, we might see something special. Eventually we had consumed our fill, and headed back to the station. Photos taken, we were ready to complete the adventure.

Other pups to visit this station:

Astro and co follow Covid-19 instructions at Winchfield station on 15/08/2020. Click to visit the Twitter post.

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