The final destination for Shades and I as our mission to fill in the Pup All The Stations Gap from Micheldever to Brookwood, Basingstoke was a station I had passed through many times in the past, but never actually stopped at. We got off the train and made short work on finding a sign. Photo collected we had some time to kill. If my calculations were correct we would be seeing a special train while we waited for the train home. However, delays were to happen and soon the special train and our train would be arriving quite close to each other. Happily, 444 019 rolled in to Basingstoke station – the South Western Railway’s #Trainbow liveried train. All done to celebrate Pride, and our first time seeing it up close and personal in the daytime. Our train soon rolled in and so we jumped on board and had a nice jaunt up the line back to the station we started from…

Other pups to visit this station:

Pup Astro captures Basingstoke station on 11/09/2019. Click to visit the Twitter post.

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