Lympstone Commando

Lympstone Commando

The plan was simple. Get on the train to Lympstone Commando, an unmanned station, get the photo for PupAllTheStations, then go back to Exeter St Davids. The station is next to a training ground for the armed services, however it’s on Network Rail land and while the base would like to assert its authority over the station, they can not stop people from alighting at the station – despite what the signs say.

Someone should tell that to GWR, however.

We got to the station just fine, and disembarked as planned. However, we were then pounced by a guard on the Platform – which took us by surprise as it’s normally unmanned. Once we were duly interrogated and deemed to not be a threat to the base, the guard left us alone but he did forbid us from taking the hooded photo we wanted to take. This incensed me, I hadn’t travelled over 100 miles to be denied this photo. Our train back to Exeter arrived and the guard made sure we were duly on board.

Once back at Exeter, everyone was a little glum at having been defeated at the final hurdle. Everyone except me. I was enraged, so while talk went to going our separate ways and going home, I wasn’t having any of it. The guard may have authority on the platform, but he had none on the train, and trains have windows. So I laid out my plan of taking a train Exmouth, which would give us two chances of getting the Lympstone Commando station photo. Plus we could get another station as well. This plan was accepted as a good idea so we got some new tickets and jumped aboard our train.

As we approached Lympstone Commando, everyone who wanted a photo hooded up and got their cameras ready. I took a video in the hope I could get a clear screenshot, but I was also taking photos as well (since I can take photos while filming). The train pulled in to the station with me snapping away, and settled with our window directly between two signs. However, we had gone past one, so I reviewed my photos while we stood at the station. To my joy, I had a clear shot. It was dark, but it was clear. I had done it. Quick gloating tweet to Twitter before we arrived at Exmouth. Mission accomplished.