Effingham Junction

As far as naming conventions go, Effingham Junction feels like the people who came up with village names had just given up. Still, it gave Shades and myself a chuckle and there may have been an occasional crude joke made at the name’s expense. The station itself sits just south of the junction, with a train depot just to the south of the platforms. This allowed us to watch a track cleaning train come out and be put into service as we were waiting for our next train. Getting the photo took some timing as trains were rather frequent but we did an achieve and were afforded a spot of time to look around. A road bridge over the railway provided a good vantage point to get some photos of the junction itself, and years of heritage railway photography practise was put into good use to avoid being run over while doing so. After a bit of an explore it was time to get the train back to home. A fun adventure had, or so we thought…

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