As the ongoing trip though Surrey continues, Shades and I got off the train knowing we would have a bit of a wait until the next one, but that was fine. Or so we thought. It did not take long for us to get our photos with the station sign, along with some extra photos for Twitter. It was then time to go explore. We didn’t go far, as the call from Mother Nature had started. Sadly these little local stations were not blessed with things like toilets outside of the times when the booking office is open (or at all, in some cases), and there was no suitable place to take a stealthy few moments of nature answering. So, while feeling the need grow with every passing second we waited for the next train to come. Our battle against the forces of bladder were disturbed by a lady asking how to use the ticket machine at the station. Being good pups, we helped out, with Shades guiding her through the menus to help her get the ticket she needed. It wasn’t too much longer before the train arrived to take us back to Guildford and to the realm of the loo – because local commuter services do not feature toilets (they take up space that busy commuters could be using to stand in). However, our day was not over yet.

Other pups to visit this station:

Pup Astro visited Clandon on 27/01/2020 with Pup Enfield, getting some adventures in before the 2020 lockdowns happened.

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  1. What made this all the more amusing was that the lady trying to buy the tickets from the machine was very clearly sozzled, and had no idea what her PIN number was 😂.

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