London Road (Guildford)

As Shades and I were heading back to Guildford we were looking up the train times on various apps and judging just how loudly Mother Nature was calling. As Rush Hour was beginning and the light levels failing, we decided we could squeeze one more stop in before we reached Guildford, and as there was only one station left on our route, it seemed a shame to skip it. So we jumped off the train when we arrived at London Road (Guildford) and found the best sign to get the photo with. We then spent some time doing that little “need to pee” dance on the platforms and car park while waiting for the train to come and take us back to Guildford’s main station. Thankfully, it wasn’t a massive wait and soon we were able to drain the bladders before embarking on a walk into Guildford town centre to find somewhere to grab dinner. A lovely Indian restaurant was located and some very nice food was consumed. It was a lovely end to a lovely afternoon of station pupping. Now to look forward to the next trip out and about.

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