Usually when going out to pup a station it’s an excuse to go visit somewhere nice, or because I’m heading somewhere by train and I can take some photos on the journey. Today was certainly the latter of the two options. Shades’ friend was having a wedding, so I got to tag along as the +1. Hadn’t been to a wedding in ages, so once I’d established all my nice clothes still fitted (they did, for the most part) I was ready to book some tickets before the big day. The day arrived so I hopped on the train to East Croydon, happy in the knowledge that I’d already pupped it. One direct train and the best part of 2 hours later, I was in the church (and somehow not catching fire) and enjoying a wedding. The service ended and after some photos it was off to East Croydon station once more to catch a train to Caterham. While I was yet to pup this station, time was against us, so I skipped it and we headed to the wedding reception, which was rather pleasant. Eventually it was time to go home, so we hopped in a taxi and headed to Redhill station. Another station that needed adding to the collection. This time we arrived early enough to get a quick photo done, so Redhill was added to the collection. This was one of those days where nothing was guaranteed, so it was worth taking the pup gear just in case. Happily, the case presented itself and now one more station is added to the site. Only a few thousand left to go.

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