Tottenham Court Road (Underground)

With the opening of the long awaited Elizabeth Line happening in late May, the Queen’s Jubilee weekend seemed like a good time to go and pay it a visit. A long weekend, so a chance to spend some time with Shades and visit London. Perfect. So Sunday comes and a quick train trip to London later and we find ourselves at Waterloo, ready to go visit the new railway. Consulting a tube map, we spot that there’s a nice and easy meeting with the Elizabeth Line at Tottenham Court Road, and with TCR yet to be crossed off my list, it was the perfect time to cross off two stations in one. So off we trot up the Northern Line. We get to Tottenham Court Road and aim for the lift to the Elizabeth Line platforms. Quick pupping of the Underground station and then we find out the lift is broken. This meant we had to face our one true nemesis… Stairs.

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