Paddington (Crossrail)

Until the Elizabeth Line is fully joined together, the end of the line for the Core section is Paddington station, right behind where the statue of Paddington Bear used to be (fear not, he’s still at the station, just moved to another platform). Shades and I soon arrived there after zipping through the not-yet-opened Bond Street station and before long we were being hoofed out of the train as it got ready for its return journey. A large and airy platform greeted us, with some lovely large roundels to play with. A number of photos were taken, with the favourite being chosen for the site. Once we had grabbed photos, it was time to head on to the next stop, but this time we would be leaving the Elizabeth Line behind for a while and finally getting a station that should have previously been gotten… The District Line part of Paddington (Underground). You can check that bit out here. Once that part of the adventure was done, it was back on the Purple Trains for the next part of our little tour.

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