Farringdon (Crossrail)

Deciding to do a bit deeper into the Core section of the Elizabeth Line, Shades and I decided to ride down to Farringdon station. This was to be more of a quick stop before heading to our final station on the way home. So we hopped out and had a bit of an explore along the platform. We spotted a doorless area at the very end of the platform which appeared to be a bit left to allow an extra carriage to be added if need be. The upside of this was that no one was venturing up there so it was a nice and quiet spot to grab a photo. Shades decided to join in with this photo and so we positioned ourselves so we could get the photo done. We timed things well, as our train was arriving almost as soon as we had finished what we were doing, so we jumped onto the train and ventured on to our final destination of the day.

Other pups to visit this station:

Echo and Pup Nyxen take a pause at Farringdon (Crossrail) station on 18/06/2022. Pic submitted via Telegram.

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