Canary Wharf (Crossrail)

The final stop on our whistle-stop tour of some of the stations on the Elizabeth Line saw myself and Shades take a trip to Canary Wharf station. This was so we could make the transition to the Jubilee Line to get the train home. Canary Wharf came with its own benefits though, thanks to the amazing escalators there. We took a moment to grab a photo with a roundel before taking a quick video playing with the moving stairs, which is below. After that we headed up and out of the Elizabeth Line station and headed over to the Jubilee Line via a nice outside walk and a trip through a shopping centre (with a fiendishly long diversion to the loo). Knowing the Underground station had already been pupped, we hopped on the tube and drew the day to a close. A successful trip out, a new pub found with the intention of revisiting later, and a fun day out had.

Video taken at this location:

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