Angel Road

With some journeys along London Overground (which are surprisingly slower than you’d think), we finally made it to our destination. The station at Angel Road is set in the middle of a very industrial estate, surrounded by desolation and destruction. The platforms go under a busy main road which allows you to see the building site of Meridian Water, which is a new housing complex that will eventually get a station to replace Angel Road station, thus causing this station to close. While this isn’t due to happen until May 2019, we thought it best if we tried to get there early before life got in the way. Not helping was the lack of a weekend service and the fact it as serviced by about 6 or 7 trains a day in either direction, which meant taking a day off work – but it was worth it. The most difficult station to capture so far, captured. Walking up the main road to some bus stops takes you past one of the largest fly-tipping sites I have ever seen. All of a sudden why the station is being closed and moved 200 yards up the line became clear. From there it was a not-too-long wait for the train back into central London, where we decided to grab some more pictures along the way.

Other pups to visit this station:

Pink Puppy Echo at Angel Road station.