Bank (Underground)

When at Waterloo, we found there was time before our next train home, so it was suggested that a Pup All The Stations first was done – complete an entire line. National rail lines like the Waterloo to Weymouth looked like it might get to be the first one completed, but instead we opted for the Waterloo & City Line instead. Being only two stations long, and with Waterloo (Underground) already covered, all we had to do was capture Bank station and the line was completed. Being later on a Friday, the whole line was almost deserted and getting a carriage to ourselves wasn’t difficult and afforded many photos of pups on a Tube train without also featuring unwitting public persons. With Bank captured, we got the train back to Waterloo and headed home. It had been a long, cold day, and many stations were captured – but the mission of capturing Angel Road was accomplished and so (for me at least), it had been worth it.

Other pups to visit this station:

Pink Puppy Echo at Bank (Underground) station.